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Motherhood is Sacred

We are pleased to announce our "Motherhood is Sacred" program. This twelve-week workshop will provide new mothers the opportunity to learn traditional parenting practices, foster community support, and become empowered in their roles as mothers. Space is limited! Please register in advance. Babies are welcome. There is no fee, and lunch is provided.

Our own Lise Hayden, conducting one of her classes.

Now in progress:TIOSPAYE

 Fine Arts Recruiting Project

We are currently working with the Department of  Children and Family Services in a recruiting effort being made to find Native-American Families to provide foster care to Native-American Children in the court system. Our "Motherhood is Sacred" staff and clients are currently working on creating illustrations for for the promotion of the Tiospayay Family Recruiting Program. This project is being guided by Bernie Granados Jr. ( See photos below.


Our last class session, staff and clients finishing up their illustrations for the Tiospaye project.

Some of the works-in-progress. Shown; Lise's, Pam's, and Bernie's.

Artist Lise, applying glow,  with a little help from her friend, Yolanda.

Our own Barbara, being very focused on her illustration.

Staff and clients, working on illustrations depicting love and family values.

 Desiree and Pam working on their concept drawings. Children are always welcome at our center.

Vivian, working on a beautiful illustration for the recruitment effort.


Recent MIS Graduates


It's always busy on MIS Day at the center.


Desiree, being honored for her accomplishments in the program.


Vivian, being honored for her accomplishments in the program.

Motherhood is Sacred Mural Project

Here is the finished mural

A collaborative, creative, and spiritually-artistic effort by the participants of the Motherhood is Sacred program.


AIFP staff helps install native "welcomes" around John Bradley's cradleboard, and other decor at  Superior Court Judge Amy Pellman's courtroom ( the court that deals with native children and families). The mural will be placed here, when finished. We were proud to help make it more welcoming. From left to right, Cal, Judge Amy Pellman, Barbara, and Bernie.


Some of the original participants from the "Motherhood is Sacred" program on day one of the mural project entitled,  "The Mother I Want to Be".  This mural will also be placed at the children's court.


"Bambi, setting the pace for the project.


The girls, working on the Mural tiles.


Little Jayden, painting up a storm.


Family fun, (foot tracing) not to be confused with foot-racing.


The mural-in-progress as of July 01, 2014.


Instructor Bernie Granados, mounting the finished tiles onto the framework.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished installation.


Barbara and Cal in the courtroom.


"The Helping Hand"



(Special Mural Project)

Fine Art as the Expression of the Young Motherís Spirit,

Our Goals....

1. A professional level art class, creating a major artwork through a compilation of smaller, related artworks. We are hoping the display of this work will inspire other young mothers and give great pride for those that participate.

2. This class is an exercise in setting spiritual goals for young Native-American Mothers, and mothers-to-be.

3. This class will actually strive to bring to the surface, any hidden talents of the class members, through immersion in the collaborative and creative processes.

4. We will try to raise the bar on practical as well as spiritual goals, while creating an atmosphere for sharing experiences.

5. Throughout this workshop the facilitators will stress family values.

6. The participants should come out of this workshop with skills in concept, design, the use of acrylic paints, and other related techniques.

 Instructor:  Bernie Granados Jr. 

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