Fine Arts Camp 101

Multi-Media Fine Arts Training as a Venue for Teaching Crucial Life-Skills for
American Indian Teenagers of Extremely High-Risk

Bernie Granados Jr., co-founder of Native Mentor Program.

In these days, with the wholesale cutting of fine arts programs throughout the county, a new arts program is like a jewel in the sand.
Fine Arts Camp 101 is just such a jewel.

This curriculum consists of a series of contemporary art and craft modules that could be used to expose students to the possibilities of fine art and craft based carriers, or at the least, a viable method of self-expression. These skills have shown to be great builders of self-esteem.

While teaching practical art techniques, our instructors will also emphasize the

importance of basic family values, the need for a connection with their

Native American Heritage, a respect for tribal traditions, as well as practical life-skills.
Information on the facets of running an art business will also be offered.

We are hoping to have public exhibitions of artworks by our students

and staff at multiple venues, not the least of which would be the center itself. We will
make every effort to provide a working-studio set-up, as well as outdoor
work areas to establish a pleasant and creative atmosphere.

Module 1.
Multi-Media Painting Techniques: This includes basic concept sketching,

 layout and design, prep of surfaces, application of acrylic and other water-based media,
and finishing of fine art acrylic paintings, watercolors, and drawings.


Module 2.
Mixed-Media Sculpture Techniques: This includes introductions to basic sculpture
techniques, use of tools, mediums, armatures, and decoration.

Contemporary American Indian mask making will also be offered.



Module 3.

Various Native American Fine art and craft disciplines taught by our  expert

"Native Mentor" staff.


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